"Basics of Communication
in Russia"

  • General information about the country
  • Features of communication
  • Brief overview of etiquette
  • Tabooed behavioral patterns
  • Business communication


"Cross-Cultural Competence for

Cooperation in Russia"

  • Fundamental information about the country
  • Russia from inside
  • Russian national character
  • Features of Russian Communication
  • Psychology and value orientations
  • Rules of etiquette
  • Tabooed behavioral patterns
  • Socially desired behavioral patterns
  • Business communication

Number of sessions: 1

Duration: 90 min.

Level: basic

Number of sessions: 4

Duration: 8 hours / 2 days

Level: basic

Business Module

Audience: businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers in commercial companies,

specialists in foreign trade

Political Module

Audience: politicians, diplomats, journalists, culturologists, representatives of executive power, specialists in international relations