Dr. Mona Khalil


Expert in cross-cultural communication & scholar in Muslim – Christian interaction. Holds PhD in philosophy from the Moscow State Institute of Foreign Relations.

Author of educational courses:

  • “Features of Value Axiomatics in Modern Egypt”
  • “Taboo and Acceptable Behavioral Models in the Arab Cultural & Confessional Environment”
  • “Particularities of Business Communication in the Arab World
  • “Particularities of Russian – Arab cross-cultural communication”
  • “Introduction into Muslim – Christian Interaction”
  • “Muslim – Christian Interaction: Challenges and Perspectives”
  • Other

Member in The Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs, International Association for Cultural Studies, Association for the Sociology of Religion, Egyptian Association of Graduates from Soviet and Russian Universities, Association for Friends of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, International Middle Eastern Studies Club, Russian Philosophical Society.